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Ruffdogs is a long-time leader in the Open Source community, with management and contributions to many open source projects including RESTORE, MyPHPNuke, SME Server and others. Our developers have over 50 years of combined experience working with and developing for Linux and open source technologies.

The Ruffdogs technology division of Holonyx specializes in Linux and open source custom application development and IT infrastructure support and consulting. Ruffdogs also offers a suite of supported Linux-based applications for IT environments.


"You can try to avoid open source, but it’s probably easier to get out of the IT business altogether. By 2011, at least 80% of commercial software will contain significant amounts of open source code."

- Gartner research vice president Mark Driver.

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RESTORE backup
Ruffdog's RESTORE is an open
source project backup project.
Visit the RESTORE website:
Linux Test Drive
Ruffdogs is pleased to announce
the new Linux Test Drive project coming in March 2008!
Private Beta Testing will be available by visiting

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